Aniko Adany - Person Centered Thinking Trainer

Aniko Adany


Sometimes you’ve got to leap and grow your wings on the way down

- Prince Ea

My Why

I think my “why” is to fight against loneliness. I am so lucky to have a lot of love in my life and having immigrated as a child, my true “home” has evolved to be people, not a place. I know that tough times I have made it through have been because of those loves. Loneliness can wreak massive damage in people’s lives and can affect us in more ways than imaginable. Sometimes, it can even become an actual matter of life or death. This is why I am committed to do what I can, to influence change on many levels and in creative ways, to ultimately – hopefully – help there be less loneliness in the world.

My Life

I love playing music, good espresso, and adventures with friends, family, or my special little mutt. I have a soft spot for genuinely good intentions and anyone I see going out on a limb to reach for something great. I also love to draw and to capture the energy of ideas and collaboration with visual images in the moment. In general, I am one who needs to keep moving, learning, and trying to “walk the talk” whenever possible.

My Expertise

  • Certified Person Centered Thinking Trainer
  • Graphic Facilitation and Visual Planning
  • 12+ years experience supporting people directly or through case management/support coordination
  • Training and experience in Person Centered Thinking, Planning, and Facilitation, LifeCourse, Gentle Teaching, Positive and Productive Meetings, Person Centered Teams/Organization work, and Collaborative Problem Solving
  • B.A. in Psychology, with a minor in Political Science

What Others Like & Admire About Me

  • Authentic
  • "Sky is the limit" attitude
  • Talented
  • Good friend, partner, sounding board
  • Down to earth, realistic
  • My “super-power is optimism” 🙂

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