Become a Person-Centered Thinking Trainer

We are proud to offer the opportunity for you to become a credentialed Person Centered Thinking Trainer. We seek to enable as many people as possible to expand the practice of person centered approaches throughout Oregon and beyond.

What is involved in becoming a trainer?

The designation of Person Centered Thinking (PCT) Trainer is an internationally recognized level of achievement through the International Learning Community for Person Centered Practices.

The process of becoming a PCT Trainer requires a significant commitment of time and resources, and must be overseen by a certified PCT Mentor Trainer.

For detailed information about the process, review the PCT Credentialing Handbook from The Learning Community.

OTAC's Mentor Trainer, CJ Webb, will work closely with you to meet all of the requirements and provide you the support needed to ensure your success!

What are the benefits of being a trainer?

As a credentialed PCT Trainer, you will be qualified and authorized to:

  • Teach the 2-day Person Centered Thinking class
  • Join the Community of Practice of PCT Trainers
  • Contribute to and attend a Gathering, approved by The Learning Community
How do I get started?
  1. Register and attend a 2-day Person Centered Thinking class or have attended one within the last two years. See our training calendar for upcoming dates.
  2. Contact OTAC to schedule a meeting with the Mentor Trainer to:
    • discuss your passion and commitment to become a trainer
    • develop and submit your personal learning plan and support needs
  3. Review the training plan and related costs. If your employer is paying for your training, a 50% deposit of the total training cost will be required. If you are paying for your own training, you may talk with us about payment options.
  4. Coordinate with your Mentor Trainer to start your training adventure!
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The Learning Community

The International Learning Community for Person Centered Practices (ILCPCP) is "a group of people working toward a vision of the world in which all people have positive control over the lives they have chosen for themselves." Visit their website for more information.