Behavior Consultant Mentorship

Professional Mentorship

OTAC offers customized mentorship packages for Behavior Professionals who develop Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA) and Positive Behavior Support Plans (PBSP). This is a peer review opportunity to gain valuable feedback for continued learning and skill development.

Our consultants:

  • Have expertise in a variety of service areas, including home and community based programs
  • Provide valuable feedback on compliance with Oregon Administrative Rules as well as best-practices related to Positive Behavior Support
  • Meet the unique needs of adult learners through innovative and customized learning options, including remote and on-site mentoring

Individual Consultation

Our skilled Behavior Professionals have consulted in a variety of service settings, which has increased their capacity to be flexible in their approach to assess needs and guide teams towards designing effective supports for a person.

OTAC works collaboratively with teams to:

  • Develop Functional Assessments and Positive Behavior Support Plans while applying person-centered approaches into the FBA/PBSP process
  • Create visual systems to support communication and foster independence
  • Conduct individualized training to care providers who implement the supports

What Others Say . . .

Increased Confidence

Because of the mentorship program I feel confident in the plans that I write knowing that not only will they be useful tools to help support people on their journey toward success, but also that the plans I write will meet the standards set forth by the OARs. The support that OTAC provides to the behavior specialist field extends well beyond their mentorship program.

Positive Results

Just wanted to let you know that one of my communities was having a very challenging issue with a resident that was refusing care.  This resident has so many diagnosis that they do not even fit on the MARS sheet!  She also has several mental health diagnosis, which really challenged me.  I wasn’t really sure how to work with her psychosis and the part it played in her refusal of care.  Her refusal of care was putting her at great risk of being moved out of the community, and also creating life threatening health issues.  I began the process of developing a behavior plan and after the first session with some key staff discussing what has worked, what hasn’t etc. they were so excited that they went ahead and tried some of the things that we had discussed and they worked beautifully!  …. This resident is now performing the care herself with supervision, rather than fighting and refusing care.  Her quality of life has been greatly improved and the staff are thrilled with the increased quality of health the resident is having as well.  I just wanted to pass along a very positive result of all your training and mentorship!  YEA YEA YEA  Thanks.

Thoroughly Recommended

I completed the OTAC Positive Behavior Support Mentorship Program in September 2013. I learned a great deal from the entire process. I worked with a young woman who had recently transitioned to a new adult foster home. She had a history of significant behavior supports in her former foster home. Through the help of my [OTAC] mentor, I was able to develop an FA/BSP for this woman. She has done very well, and in fact the BSP was discontinued 2 months ago, as it was no longer needed. Through this process, I became aware of how important environment is for each individual and also the importance of individualized supports. This program opened my eyes to what the individual is attempting to communicate through behaviors. People need to feel that they are understood, and supported to be successful in any environment. The mentorship program has given me the skills I need to support individuals and families in our region. I felt supported and encouraged every step of the way, and I thoroughly recommend this program for others seeking to develop their behavior support skills.

Feeling More Confident

Thank you so much! I appreciate all the time and effort you put into my mentorship. I learned a lot from you and from the process. After completing this process, I feel more confident in the skills I have but I also agree with all of the areas of improvement you mentioned. Thank you for all of your help and guidance as well as continuing to be a support to me and other behavior support specialists.

I Enjoyed Working With You

This was the most thorough and positive feedback I’ve gotten in my role as a BSS [Behavior Support Specialist] and I can’t tell you how I enjoyed working with you. The OTAC trainings that I have been able to attend have been such a crucial part of my learning and skill building process in this field.

Professional Mentorship Options

Simple Proficiency Revew

Simple proficiency review of a FBA/PBSP

  • Work Sample Review
  • Completed Proficiency Review Form
  • Short summary of areas for continued learning and skill development

Enhanced Proficiency Revew

Enhanced proficiency review of a FBA/PBSP

  • Work Sample Review
  • Completed Proficiency Review Form
  • Short summary of areas for continued learning and skill development
  • Web-based meeting with OTAC Mentor to review recommendations

Comprehensive Mentorship

Extensive support to develop an FBA/PBSP

  • Customized mentorship package for up to 40 hours of remote and/or on-site mentoring
  • Work along side the OTAC Mentor to develop an FBA/PBSP and provide training on the plan
  • Proficiency review completed by OTAC Mentor to assess a solo FBA/PBSP developed by you