Supported Employment

What is Supported Employment?

Supported Employment programs provide a higher level of job development and on-the-job coaching for people with disabilities to help them obtain and maintain meaningful and gainful employment. These services are provided by job developers and job coaches, who are trained in supporting people with disabilities to reach their employment goals. 

What Employment services does OTAC offer?

OTAC currently offers a variety of training opportunities for professionals who support people in finding and maintaining work, including job coaches and job developers. We promote national best practices and strive to disseminate information in a variety of formats, from half-day to day long hands on trainings and creative utilization of technology and publications, assuring current trends are included.  

OTAC prides itself on person-centered practices within all trainings. Person-centered employment planning is a cornerstone of our work. We teach and train people to be practitioners of this very useful tool. We have designed curriculum and training for job development, job coaching, and employment supports. 

Employment training is not just for employment providers but is for anyone who supports a person. When people supporting a person understand the varied approaches, jobs, and methods to employment and employment services, people with disabilities will be more successful in their jobs. 

OTAC has been providing training and technical assistance on employment topics since its inception in 1984. We believe people with disabilities have the same inherent right to the opportunities as any other citizen has regarding employment options. We are committed to that belief, knowing all people with disabilities have the potential to work, and recognize sometimes the biggest barrier is just not knowing what job they would like to do.

Our courses include training on Social security benefits planning, self-employment, partners and resources, organizational change as well as high school transition. In addition to our public course options, we can customize a training for your team and/or specific areas of employment.