Positive Behavior Support

What is Positive Behavior Support?

Pos­i­tive Behav­ior Sup­port (PBS) is an evidence-based, person-centered framework focused on decreasing problem behavior and increasing quality of life by understanding and resolving the purpose behind the behavior. PBS con­sid­ers what is impor­tant to the per­son and for the per­son, and applies those val­ues into a com­pre­hen­sive plan to address chal­leng­ing behav­ior.

PBS strives for positive outcomes such as:

  • Being preventative and proactive
  • Understanding that challenging behavior meets a specific need
  • Teaching skills
  • Reducing barriers
  • Enhancing relationships
  • Increasing wellness and quality of life

OTAC Behavior Professionals pro­vide spe­cial­ized train­ing and coaching to families and ser­vice providers who directly sup­port peo­ple with intellectual/devel­op­men­tal dis­abil­i­ties. This might include:

  • Design­ing proac­tive, pos­i­tive behav­ioral sup­port strate­gies for spe­cific indi­vid­u­als, espe­cially those who are in cri­sis
  • Assur­ing pro­gram­matic com­pli­ance with fed­eral, state and local regulations.

All train­ing and consulting services are deliv­ered with the aim of enabling com­mu­nity providers to sup­port both chil­dren and adults with dis­abil­i­ties in a man­ner that assures health, safety, and rights, and enhances the provider’s knowl­edge or abil­ity to best sup­port peo­ple in inte­grated res­i­den­tial, school and employ­ment set­tings.


What PBS services does OTAC offer?

Examples of OTAC services in this area include:

  • Behavior Professional training and mentorship
  • Oregon Intervention System (OIS) Training
  • Positive Behavior Support offered in different service settings, such as schools, mental health facilities, employment settings, family homes, and foster homes
  • Diagnosis specific training, such as Co-Occurring (Mental Health-Developmental Disability) Diagnoses and Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Designing effective supports through structure & visual strategies
  • Designing effective communication systems and training

Our experienced professionals are here to help you meet all of your training and other needs related to the area of Positive Behavior Support.