What is LifeCourse?

The LifeCourse Framework offers a fresh way to rethink conversations about planning and supports. These simple yet powerful tools are used to visualize outcomes, empower people, help teams think outside the box, and strengthen resources and possibilities.

The core belief behind the Lifecourse framework is that "all people have the right to live, love, work, play and pursue their life aspirations in their community. "

Originally designed BY families FOR families as part of the Missouri Family to Family network, LifeCourse has begun to spread throughout the United States and is quickly becoming a preferred method for supporting a person to reach their goals. Although it was originally designed for people with disabilities, the universally-designed framework is an excellent tool for any person or family, regardless of ability.

For more information about LifeCourse, visit the LifeCourse Tools website.

What LifeCourse services does OTAC offer?

Currently, OTAC is working closely with a number of organizations accross the country in partnership with the Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities to explore how to expand the use of the LifeCourse framework throughout Oregon.

We are excited to offer an introduction to the LifeCourse framework at various public and private training events throughout the state.