Help us create a world in which everyone’s unique experiences, gifts and abilities are recognized and valued.

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Can pay for a person to attend a 1/2 day training anywhere OTAC offers a public training event

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Can help cover childcare, staffing, travel or other costs associated with a support provider attending an OTAC training event

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Can provide a person-centered plan for a person who experiences a disability and wants to create a better future for themselves

You can make a difference!

OTAC is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our funding comes from a variety of sources, including fee-based services, government agency contracts, and private grants and donations.

We strive to achieve our vision by offering critical training opportunities throughout Oregon for professionals and families that support people with disabilities. In order to continue our important work, we need your support! Please consider making a donation so we can continue our efforts to ensure every person has the opportunity to have positive control over their own life. 

Use the Donate Now button below to make your donation online, or mail your check payable to OTAC to:

Oregon Training and Consultation
3865 Wolverine Street NE #E39
Salem OR 97305

Unless otherwise requested, donated funds are added to the OTAC Assistance Fund. This fund was established in 2017 to help families and support providers cover costs of training and coaching that is vital to providing quality support to people experiencing disabilities throughout Oregon. 

Thank you for your support!