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High Quality Instruction

I wanted to let you know that one of our new PAs who attended your recent PCTT [Person Centered Thinking Training] told me this morning that they really liked you as an instructor.  They said that they personally struggle with so many common learning styles and felt like you really taught in a way to address many learning styles.  They said that you were as good as or better than some of their favorite instructors in college.

Creative Supports

Good job

OTAC provides great training for our company. We are impressed with the trainers and their level of professionalism. Good job!


Great Trainings!

Really accessible to people with different levels of knowledge.

Siobahn Burke

Exceeded Expectations

The course was both informational and insightful to anyone who has a passion for creating connections through integrated community employment. I will personally be seeking out future training options offered by OTAC.

Carl Brock

Increased Confidence

Because of the mentorship program I feel confident in the plans that I write knowing that not only will they be useful tools to help support people on their journey toward success, but also that the plans I write will meet the standards set forth by the OARs. The support that OTAC provides to the behavior specialist field extends well beyond their mentorship program.


Invaluable Mentorship Experience

OTAC’s Behavior Specialist Mentorship Program was of tremendous service for myself, my agency and most importantly it had a positive impact for the individuals we support. I accepted the position of behavior specialist with a BA in psychology and a basic knowledge of ABA and behavior modification techniques, so initially I felt pretty equipped to handle the role. It wasn’t until I began the OTAC mentorship program that I realized all that I still needed to learn.

Working with [the trainer]  the entire OTAC crew was a fantastic experience, everyone was so supportive. Their guidance and positive attitudes made for an encouraging learning environment. Even during the points in the mentorship program where [we] weren’t working together in the same county, she was always readily accessible anytime I had a question or needed any reassurance that I was on the right track. Because of the mentorship program I feel confident in the plans that I write knowing that not only will they be useful tools to help support people on their journey toward success, but also that the plans I write will meet the standards set forth by the OARs. The support that OTAC provides to the behavior specialist field extends well beyond their mentorship program. It has been a year since I completed my mentorship with OTAC and through their behavior specialist network I still get to interact with other behavior specialists in sharing resources and supporting each other by brainstorming through complex challenging behaviors.

Overall it has been an invaluable experience that has benefited the individuals I work for as well as myself, and I am very grateful to have taken part in it.

Rochelle Doyle
Pathway Inc

Feeling More Confident

Thank you so much! I appreciate all the time and effort you put into my mentorship. I learned a lot from you and from the process. After completing this process, I feel more confident in the skills I have but I also agree with all of the areas of improvement you mentioned. Thank you for all of your help and guidance as well as continuing to be a support to me and other behavior support specialists.

Cassie Turner
Home Life Inc

Thoroughly Recommended

I completed the OTAC Positive Behavior Support Mentorship Program in September 2013. I learned a great deal from the entire process. I worked with a young woman who had recently transitioned to a new adult foster home. She had a history of significant behavior supports in her former foster home. Through the help of my [OTAC] mentor, I was able to develop an FA/BSP for this woman. She has done very well, and in fact the BSP was discontinued 2 months ago, as it was no longer needed. Through this process, I became aware of how important environment is for each individual and also the importance of individualized supports. This program opened my eyes to what the individual is attempting to communicate through behaviors. People need to feel that they are understood, and supported to be successful in any environment. The mentorship program has given me the skills I need to support individuals and families in our region. I felt supported and encouraged every step of the way, and I thoroughly recommend this program for others seeking to develop their behavior support skills.

Denise Porter
Easter Oregon Regional Crisis Program

Extremely Helpful

Your class has been extremely helpful.  I was writing very generic ISP goals prior to your class, and since then, I’ve been working on writing very person centered goals.  I’ve also amped up my one page profiles and am encouraging other organizations we work with (ie, schools) to be person centered. Your class was wonderful, and you are an amazing teacher.  Thank you for your time!

Cheri Gonzales
Community Living Case Management

I Enjoyed Working With You

This was the most thorough and positive feedback I’ve gotten in my role as a BSS [Behavior Support Specialist] and I can’t tell you how I enjoyed working with you. The OTAC trainings that I have been able to attend have been such a crucial part of my learning and skill building process in this field.

Kate Melnychuk
Alvord Taylor