Supported Employment Trainings

OTAC has been providing training and technical assistance on employment topics since its inception in 1984. We believe people with disabilities have the same inherent right to the opportunities as any other citizen has regarding employment options. We are committed to that belief, knowing all people with disabilities have the potential to work, and recognize sometimes the biggest barrier is just not knowing what job they would like to do.

Our trainings can be tailored to specific areas of employment. We promote national best practices and strive to disseminate information in a variety of formats, from half-day to day long hands on trainings and creative utilization of technology and publications, assuring current trends are included.

OTAC prides itself on person-centered practices within all trainings. Person-centered employment planning is a cornerstone of our work. We teach and train people to be practitioners of this very useful tool. We have designed curriculum and training for job development, job coaching, and employment supports. Recently, we have assured OTAC can provide Oregon’s required 12 Supported Employment Core Competency trainings.

Employment training is not just for employment providers but is for anyone who supports a person. When people supporting a person understand the varied approaches, the varied jobs, and the varied methods to employment and employment services, people with disabilities will be more successful in their jobs. Some of the trainings we offer are:

  • Person Centered Planning for Community Employment (This is the approved Discovery training)
  • Tools to Find the Right Job
  • Effective Teaching and Training for People in Any Setting

Trainings include or are developed about: Social security benefits planning, self-employment, partners and resources, organizational change as well as high school transition.

Here is a list of some of the trainings that OTAC has to offer related to helping people find meaningful employment. We can also tailor these classes to your specific needs.

Supported Employment Courses Offered

 Person Centered Planning for Community Employment  This 2-day class is the approved Discovery training.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the values for Job Developers
  • Understand the relation between the job seeker, job developer, and the employer
  • Know how to look at the work environment
  • Know how to look at the community (differently)
  • Know how to do a job analysis and building in action
  • Understanding the differences with job creation (customized employment) and job carving
  • Know how to have various conversations to pull out skills, strengths, and abilities as well as other aspects to identify the ideal work condition
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Working It Out This three-day course is designed as an intensive opportunity to learn techniques leading to successful paid employment for people with significant disabilities. Request this training
High School Transition –It is about getting to work This 90-minute class provides information geared toward students preparing to leave school, and the navigation through the transition to work. It includes current situations of the process and when various agencies can and should be included in a students’ planning for work.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding high school transition services, and how to take advantage of these services
  • Understanding the specifics of the types of services schools can, and cannot, provide
  • Knowledge of other parts of the service delivery system that can assist or support a person in their journey to have  job when leaving school
  • Basic understanding of the IDEA and relationship with all the information about school to work
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Tools to Find the Right Job This 6 hour class provides a hands on learning opportunity and helps people think differently to support people in work they want.
Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the foundation of employment
  • How the ISP or other support documents are an integral part of the process
  • Know the core person-centered thinking skills of Important To/Important For
  • Experience the power and pleasure of having people share what they like and admire about you
  • Develop an introduction, and address supports for negative attributes without having a negative reputation list
  • How to find and use partnerships and resources
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Effective Teaching and Training for People in Any Setting A FUN hands-on practical training for professionals supporting people with disabilities in any setting, including employment and residential. Participants can expect to leave with a basic ability to teach and train new skills in a range of settings. This class will show how to assist people with disabilities to succeed through effective teaching and training skills, leading to greater independence in the workplace or at home.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how people learn; what are the different learning styles and how different styles can be accommodated
  • Understand systematic instruction and task analysis, and its practical uses
  • Understand the importance of data collection to monitor progress
  • Understand universal design
  • Know how to provide support to a person as well as an employer
  • Learn how others can provide support on the job, including natural supports from family members and coworkers
  • Know about work accommodations, including how and why specific accommodations are requested
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Customized Community Employment
Learning Objectives:

  • Understand and learn the connection between residential and employment services
  • Have a basic understanding of customized employment and supported employment
  • Understanding of the supports necessary for a person to have successful employment
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