Person Centered Thinking

PURPOSE:  To develop and practice skills needed to support people in having more positive control over their lives.

Person Centered Thinking is the foundation class that underlies all person centered approaches and is essential for anyone who provides supports or services, develops plans, or participates in person centered planning.

This 2-day training will provide classroom and hands-on learning to gain person centered discovery, listening, and management skills and tools that can be used in all job positions. Practical application of person centered skills, tools, and developing person centered descriptions with one-page profiles are included.

In this class, you will learn about:

  • One Page Profiles
  • Communication Chart
  • What’s Working / Not Working
  • Meaningful & Usable Documentation
  • The Importance of Matching and Understanding Roles & Responsibilities
  • Balancing Risks & Choices
  • And more!

This class is a prerequisite for our Person Centered Thinking Coaches and Person Centered Planning/Facilitation classes.

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