Community Behavior Support Contract 2015-2017

Since 1987 OTAC has held the “Community Supports and Crisis Intervention” contract with the Department of Human Services, (DHS) and ODDS. OTAC was recently awarded the “Community Supports and Behavior Specialist Training” contract in April, 2015.

We look forward to continue providing quality training to families and community based programs over the next two years!  Listed below is a summary of the trainings OTAC will offer during this contract period.

Oregon Intervention System (OIS) Trainings

OTAC will provide one monthly Oregon Intervention System training at the Parent, Philosophy, or General level. Trainings will be offered in all five regions throughout Oregon and priority will be given to the rural areas including regions located in Central, Eastern and Southern Oregon.  OIS instructor candidates are encouraged to observe and co-train with OTAC’s instructors in effort to increase capacity throughout the state.

Three-day Advanced Level Autism Trainings

Behavior specialists, managers of residential or employment services, coordinators of staff training, regional program staff, or other stakeholders are encouraged to attend OTAC’s 3-day Advanced Autism Hands-On Training. There will be three trainings offered over this contract period in Salem, Oregon. Applications will be available 60 days prior to each training and participants will be selected by ODDS contract manager.

The training curriculum will include: Functional Assessments, Structured Visual Strategies, Environmental Structuring, alternative communication supports, and Positive Behavior Supports.  A hands-on teaching component will be provided by co-trainers who are individuals with ASD and work with participants in small groups facilitated by OTAC’s behavior specialists.

  • Trainings will be offered the months of August, 2015 & 2016; March, 2016

Behavior Training and Mentorship Program

OTAC will provide five trainings series over the contract period, which includes a 2-day skill enhancement training, 3-day Behavior Specialist Training and up to 40 hours of on-site Mentorship for selected participants.

This training series will be offered in each of the five regions throughout Oregon. Target audience includes: managers and /or lead Staff in residential and employment services, coordinators for Staff trainings, Support Services Staff, or other Stakeholders. Applicants will be selected by ODDS contract administrator and priority will be given to applicants who provide services in the region where trainings are being held.

Behavior Training Series Overview:

  • Two-day skill enhancement trainings will focus on the basics of Functional Assessments and Behavior Support Plans for Individuals with challenging behaviors.
  • Three-day behavior specialist training will specialize in functional behavioral assessment, evaluating environmental settings, implementing Visual Strategies, and developing Behavior Support Plans that use positive behavior supports for Individuals with complex needs.
  • Mentorship will be provided for at least 20 participants of the behavior specialist trainings over the contract period. Mentorship includes up to 40 hours of individualized mentorship. OTAC staff will establish a mentorship plan with the behavior specialist/ candidate. Mentorship activities will occur over a three month timeframe. The plan will include timelines and will be shared with the candidate’s executive director and ODDS.  A competency evaluation will be completed at the end of the mentorship and sent to their executive director and the ODDS Contract Administrator.

Tentative Training Calendar: (dates are subject to change)

  • Cascade Region: June 22-26, 2015; Mentorship: July-September, 2015
  • Southern Region: September, 2015; Mentorship: October-December, 2015
  • Mid-Valley Region: February, 2016; Mentorship: March-May, 2016-download application
  • Eastern Region: May, 2016; Mentorship: June-August, 2016
  • Metro/NW Region: *October, 2016; Mentorship: November 2016-January, 2017

Applications will be available 60 days prior to each of the scheduled trainings.

*Trainings listed above with an asterisk may include webinar as an option for either the 2-day skill enhancement or 3-day behavior specialist training.

Behavior Specialist Network Trainings for Continuing Education

Semi-annual network trainings for Behavior Specialists will be offered to provide information and strategies for supporting Individuals with challenging behaviors.

Guest speakers will present topics relevant to supporting people with co-occurring disorders, syndromes, I/DD and acquired brain injury. Participants will also work in small groups with OTAC staff discussing case studies.

OTAC Behavior Specialists will continue to moderate the Behavior Specialist network on OTAC’s Moodle site (online forum). Information about upcoming networking opportunities and trainings will be posted on the Moodle site in addition to OTAC’s website.

For questions and additional information regarding this contract, or to request an OIS training in your region, please contact:

Jennie Heidrick, Project Manager/ Behavior Specialist