Person Centered Approaches and Practices

Person Centered Approaches include learning about and using person centered thinking; person centered planning and reviews; one page profiles; people planning together; as well as building person centered teams, organizations, and culture.

OTAC offers a variety of trainings related to Person Centered Approaches and Practices. We can also tailor these classes to your specific needs.

Person Centered Approaches are the foundational frame of mind of looking at our world and work, in
recognizing that people are the experts in their own lives and what matters most, while others’ roles involve listening and offering/providing support as directed by the person and their loved ones.

Implementing person centered approaches is a process-one of infusing and promoting person centered practices throughout our entire organizational culture: in how we treat all people, those supported/served as well as all levels of staff and management. Person centered approaches are not just about a moment in time or a specific task, but about the work and life that happens throughout the year.

Person Centered Practices involve skills and tools used in developing and implementing supports that focus on people’s perspective about what matters to them, what is working, and what is not working-to make sure that people are truly listened to and are kept at the heart of all decision-making.

Person Centered Practices make a difference. Some basic evidence includes:

  • The person’s perspective is listened to and honored
  • People and organizations are empowered to create positive change
  • People have a role in planning the supports they receive and the staff that are hired
  • Evidence of action in the ISP driven by the person’s perspective
  • Daily learning is captured to change the ISP
  • Regularly look at people’s lives to see what is working and what is not working
  • Employees know their roles and responsibilities in supporting people
  • Staff are matched with people based on skill and common interests, creating positive working and living environments as well as better supports that use power with people instead of power over them.

Person Centered Thinking is the foundation on which all person centered work – planning, facilitation, Planning based on Interests Goals and Skillscoaching, person centered teams/supervision/organizations, etc. is based. Person centered thinking skills and tools are practical and capture information that feeds into care and support planning, as well as to improve understanding, communication and relationships. In a relaxed and interactive environment, Person Centered Thinking Training participants develop and practice skills needed to support people in having more positive control over their lives.

Some of the skills and tools learned and used in Person Centered Thinking training include: One Page Profiles; Balancing Important To and For; Staff Matching; Communication charts; Learning Log – meaningful and usable documentation; Relationship Maps; What’s Working/Not Working from different perspectives; Donut Sort – Clarifying Roles and Responsibilities; Good Day/Bad Day; Routines and Rituals, and more.

Examples of OTAC services in this area include

  • 2-Day Person Centered Thinking Training
  • Person Centered Coaches Training
  • Person Centered Planning Facilitation, including PATH, MAPS, Personal Futures Plans, Essential Lifestyle Plans

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