Training Modules for Support and Care Staff

Positive Behavior Support

Training modules for Support and Care Staff

This series of three modules teaches Support Staff and Caregivers how to implement positive behavior support in places and programs that provide support to individuals who experience mental health conditions.

In addition, the information is valuable to Administrators and Caregivers within Aging and People with Disabilities (APD) services to bring about positive support and person centered care.

This training series was created by OTAC working in collaboration with Yamhill County HHS Enhanced Residential and Outreach Program.

Module 1: Everyday PBS

This is an introduction to PBS for any provider working with an individual who engages in challenging behaviors.
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Module 2: Introduction to Functional Assessment – A Collaborative Process

This module explains the roles of support and care staff during the functional assessment process and reveals its collaborative nature.
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Module 3: Functional Assessment & Behavior Support Planning – The Process”

The final module in this series is a “how-to” for support and care staff who want to learn to complete functional assessments and develop behavior support plans.
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These modules were created by Oregon Technical Assistance Corporation in collaboration with Yamhill County Health and Human Services Enhanced Residential & Outreach Program.