OTAC Reinvented!

We are excited to announce some amazing changes at OTAC!

After 32 years of providing quality training, technical assistance, and other services, OTAC is proud to say that we are taking focused steps to infuse an even higher level of forward-thinking and positive energy into everything that we do.

It is with gratitude we acknowledge the tremendous response and constructive feedback our valued customers and partners provided as part of the market survey conducted in the Fall of 2015. The information, suggestions, and requests we received were instrumental in guiding us throughout this process of rebranding and revitalizing our organization.

We are now ready to reveal our new logo and more... Over the last several months, OTAC's Board and staff members have been busy creating a whole new image that will provide a roadmap for the future of OTAC.



Oregon Technical Assistance Corporation (OTAC) will now be doing business as Oregon Training and Consultation (OTAC).

We will continue to be known as OTAC as it is a well-recognized and respected name. Previously, telling people the full name of the organization often raised more questions than it answered about the services we provide! Oregon Training and Consultation succinctly describes exactly what we do.


Collaborate. Educate. Empower. This illustrates the foundation on which OTAC was built. We will continue to emphasize these values as we embrace the future.


To influence positive change and promote equity through collaboration, innovative learning opportunities, and approaches that support people to direct their own lives. OTAC's mission has been updated to reflect our commitment to approaches that empower people to live whole lives of their own choosing. We look forward to expanding the ways in which we provide informational and educational opportunities.


By embracing our mission and incorporating it into everything that we do, we actively pursue our vision of a world in which everyone's unique experiences, gifts and abilities are respected and valued.



Old OTAC logo


OTAC logo

Our new look is not just about the new logo, it's also a reflection of our vision for the future of OTAC! The colors in our new branding represent our hope and vision for the future of the organization as we move forward into a new era.

TRUST AND STRENGTH - Although our look is changing, and we are creating an exciting new direction for the future, we are still the same OTAC that has been serving local, state and national communities for over 30 years. We will not only continue to offer the same high-quality services that we always have, but will also expand into new areas that build on the strong foundation that has made OTAC the training and consultation leader in Oregon.

ACCESSIBLE AND RELIABLE - Over the years, OTAC has had the privilege of being chosen to work with a myriad of partners on a variety of projects. We pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate on a wide range of subject matters and to be responsive to the needs of our customers and partners. As we look toward the future, we are committed to strengthening our existing partnerships and creating new relationships based on the same steadfast dependability and flexibility that has afforded us so many meaningful opportunities and affiliations over the years.

GROWTH - The feedback from last year's market survey is helping us to create a comprehensive plan for expanded services and we are very excited about our vision to expand the number and variety of training and consultation opportunities to be offered in the future!


We invite you to join us as we create exciting new educational opportunities. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and sign up for email updates so that you can share the journey with us!


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Paula Boga
Executive Director