OIS Training

Oregon Intervention Systems (OIS_G) is a two day, 16 hour, introductory workshop about positive behavior support (PBS). This workshop is useful for all support providers including in-home care, residential, foster care, vocational, and family members.Register for training

Oregon Intervention Systems: OIS-P “P” is for “Parent!”

“Dealing with Potentially Challenging Behaviors”

OIS-Parent is a one day training only for families supporting children and adults in home. People paid to be in the home, whether they are kids in home support provider, family receiving brokerage funds, agency staff working in the family home, cannot attend OIS-P training, as a G Level Certification is required.

OIS-P includes:

  • An introduction to Positive Behavior Support (PBS)
  • Information about how behavior affects us all, and all of the things that affect behavior
  • Assessing the messages behind challenging behaviors
  • Ways to work through power struggles, conflict, and stress
  • Developing your own personalized stress-management plan
  • Reasonable responses to challenging behavior, including specific physical intervention and escape techniques

*The class includes time for discussion as well as some exercises