GRO Decision Tree

The Gro Decision Tree is a quality assurance tool which outlines a process for examining support documents already in place such as the Personal Focus Worksheet, Individual Support Plan, functional assessment and/or behavior support plan, as well as other supports provided by the organization serving an individual who engages in behaviors that put him or her at risk of losing a placement or services. In addition to providing a structure for examining these supports, this tool is a platform for brainstorming sessions, as it assists users to contribute to the process of adding, enhancing, or developing new supports by prompting them to:

  • ask questions in order to understand the comprehensive support needs of a person who engages in challenging behavior;
  • identify areas for further inquiry;
  • identify deficits or conflicts of existing supports;
  • bring information forward for discussion; and develop a “to-do” list of next steps toward resolving each issue

Target audience: Support Workers, Services Coordinators, Personal Agents, families of people with I/DD