Supported Employment

OTAC has been providing training and technical assistance on employment topics since its inception in 1985. We are committed to the belief that all people with disabilities can maximize their employment potential and fully participate in their community as paid workers. Our training is tailored to provider agencies, systems and individuals with disabilities as well as family and advocacy groups. We promote national best practice and strive to disseminate information in a variety of formats, from day long hands on trainings, semester long courses at the community college level for Employment specialists and the creative utilization of technology and publications.

Person centered employment planning is a cornerstone of our work. We teach and train people to be practitioners of this very useful tool as well as facilitate individual plans for job seekers. We have designed curriculum and training on job development, placement person centered employment planning, and support strategies for providers, families and individuals, both nationally and in Australia. We consult with stakeholders in the employment process on a regular basis and will design training on employment topics to meet requested needs.

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